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    Default Crooked Teeth Need Braces?

    When i was younger my Oral health wasnt very good, dispite my parents forcing me to brush my teeth and look after them i failed to do just that. At the age of say 12 i embarked upon Orthodontic care and halfway through i moved house into another area therefore couldnt continue the treatment.
    Now after years of living with horrible, discoloured teeth i feel unhappy and never smile properly. I feel so low not being able to smile and show off a nice straight set of pearly whites.

    I have been looking into Braces now i am 19 and no longer qualify for Nhs treatment, the prices are unbeleiveable. Although i am happy to pay for the treatment in installments.
    I have one tooth that sits behind all the others and a huge gap so you can see the tooth which is at the side also making me smile on one side (thats if i feel happy enough to smile).

    Does anyone know of any dentists willing to do the treatment that accept installments, im a 19 year old full time mum and the cost of these treatments in full just wouldnt happen.


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    hello dental finance is available for most treatments but you would need to be accepted onto a dental finance plan after credit checks and approval. There are a lot of dentists that offer installments and to give you an idea you could probably have braces treatment upto 4K spread out at an equivalent rate of approx 4 a day!

    some of the dentists should chip in with more accurate figues but the ball park above is not far off

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    Dear Gem,

    There will be many finance options available for you. There may be in house finance options or for certain types of work your dentist may be happy to accept payments in installments. I would suggest that you find someone you are comfortable with and explain your situation.

    Most dentists here will be able to offer some form of help for you

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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