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    Default Extraction & Clear Braces

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping by joining this forum I can try and gain teh confidence to go thorugh with my orthodontic treatment. I need to have a tooth extracted right at the front and then have braces fitted a week later. I have been building up to this point for years and now I have finally booked it I'm doubting whether I can go through with it. I am not a very confident person in life generally so having to have a tooth removed then braces (albeit clear) is a massive decision to make.

    Is anyone else in this position???

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    Hello Hannah,
    dental fear is something that most people face and you are not alone, the fact that you have taken the time to ask a question on this forum means you have taken the first step.

    One of our dentist members will be along shortly to offer you some sound advice

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    Dear Hannah,

    you should not worry, there are many people in the same boat as you. If you have concern, speak to your dentist to get confidence and reassurance. It is very important to feel confident both in yourself and your dentist.

    Orthodontic treatment can change a person's life, it can definately increase your confidence.

    I had fixed metal braces just over a year ago, and I am glad I did go through the treatment, I feel so much more confident in myself when speaking to others!

    Best of Luck

    Dr Raha Sepehrara BSC(Hons) BDS with Distinction

    The Dental Suite, Leicestershire

    Quality dental and Implant care

    Winner of Best Young Dentist In the Midlands Award 2009

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    Default hi Hannah

    I believe the best way to relieve anxiety is by availing yourself some good knowledge. Advice always banishes fear. Remember most fears are irrational and unhelpful.

    find a dentist you can chat with honestly and be frank.

    don't allow fears to run your life!

    Dr Dave Jamus

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    Default Go for it...

    Dear Hannah,

    I have been unhappy with my teeth for years and never dared/afforded to do anything about it. I am now 8 steps into correcting my teeth - which are both off centre, out of line, rotated - you name it! Already the difference is amazing. Although the first few days of each stage are a little uncomfortable (strangely sometimes very little and occasionally quite sore depending on where the pressure is) and I had a bit of a lisp for a few days, hardly anyone even notices unless I draw their attention to the braces and I have both top and bottom.

    I should have done this years ago - go for it...


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