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    Default Concern over lip and mouth changes from Invisalign!


    I am considering Invisalign after a consult with an Orthodontist. I was told that she would be moving my teeth back about 2mm. The problem is that I have a lot of gaps in both upper and lower teeth. I am really nervous about how my lips, mouth and surrounding area will turn out. My lips are are slightly full, and I would not want to lose that! I have not found pictures of any teeth similar to mine to even compare to. How do you think my lips might change? I have included a picture with lipstick on to show how I make them even fuller. I do not like the idea of the space between my nose and lip getting longer either....do you think that will change a lot? I have been told bonding would make my teeth look too big, and I am not a fan of having my teeth shaved for veneers, so I don't know what else to do Also, my mouth is already narrow, and how do you push so many gaps together without making your smile even more narrow??? I also have an overbite when mouth is closed, but it is within normal range so that won't be changing. In the pic, I am holding my mouth open to show my gaps.

    Please, any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have already asked my Ortho, however I would like as much advice as possible. She said it would hardly be noticeable, but I find this hard to believe. Please help!

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    If your dentist is a specialist orthodontist then her guidance should be accurate

    I hope this helps

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    It seems that you images are no longer available to see if you can re-upload them I may be able to add some insight

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