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    Default invisalign or Inspire ice?

    hi there, i am 25 and have crowding on by bottom front teeth, my top two teeth are also quite forward. I was intested in invisalign due to the fact that its clear and hardly noticable. I have seen two orthodontists, the first one of which assured me that my teeth would be perfect at the end of treatment, then i went to see another ortho for a second opinion. He said that my teeth would be much much better than what they are now but not completely perfect and straight, he said that one of my crowded teeth at the bottom needs to be turned slightly and that is not something invisalign can do. He advised i get a fixed brace, i am now very confused as i have two different opinions and i dont want fixed braces but i dont want to pay for invisalign and not get the desired results.
    *I have had a look at some clear fixed braces called Inspire Ice - are they any good and how much do they cost, and does anyone know of someone who does them or any other clear/invisable fixed braces in the yorkshire area as i cant seem to find much on the net.

    would appreciate if Dr Khaira could provide some help as i know your practice is in the yorkshire area.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It very much depends on what needs to be done as to whether Invisalign is suitable. Invisalign does offer certain very predictable movements and only a full consultation can show this. There are toot coloured bracket available out there, these would include the brackets used for 6 Month Smiles and High Speed Braces.

    Similarly, if Invisalign can correct your cosmetic concerns then it can be considered a success. Orthodontic specialists often aim for perfection and in this Invisalign can fall short

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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