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    Default CEREC veneers?

    I'm interested in having probably 10 veneers to correct my uneven smile.
    CEREC veneers sound good as they would save a lot of time and might be a bit cheaper.
    However- how does the quality of CEREC veneers compare to other Lab manufactured venners (such as MAC Veneers etc.)
    Do they look as good and generally last as long as other veneers?
    The CEREC technology sounds to me like it would eb good for crowns and other restorations, but i'd be interested to know if it would be a good option for venners.
    Many Thanks!

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    Hi Lucy,

    If you have a very experienced cerec practitioner you can achieve superb results. However cerec veneers can't always be used, especially if you have a "bite" problem. I have done cerec veneers on numerous occasions and they can look totally natural.

    Mac veneers are nothing special. They are just the same as other veneers in that it is the skill of the dentist using them and the skill of the technician involved.

    Do be aware that "cheap and fast" does not equate to better. Sometimes for exceptional result you have to do it slow and use the worlds best labs which comes at a premium. It very much depends if you want an ok result or natural looking result

    The key is finding a dentist capable of undertaking the work to an exceptional level

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards
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