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    Hi there, im just wondering what could be recommended for my front tooth, i chipped it during an accident which left me with only about 40% of my original tooth, the rest is now a filling, which i dont think will last very long, its been 2 years now but its going a funny colour and you can see the line where i chipped. What could be recommended ie, veneer or anything similar. James

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    following trauma, a tooth can become discoloured which can indicate need for root canal treatment. Therefore you may require a clinical and radiographical examination to see whether the tooth does require root canal treatment prior to starting any cosmetic treatment.

    Once the health of the tooth has been ascertained your options are:
    - white fillings (which stain over time, but can give good results)
    - veneer (which does not stain)
    -crown (which may be needed when there is a big fracture of the tooth)

    All of the above treatments can look very natural if done correctly and if the dentist uses high quality materials and a highly skilled technician (if doing a veneer or crown)

    I hope this helps

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