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    Default Alternatives to Inman Aligner, any orthodontist with free 1st visit?

    I've been told I cannot have fit Inman Aligner
    It looks like one of my canines teeth is slightly rotated.

    I would like to know if I can have fit 6 month smiles or Invisalign, but I wouldn't like to continue paying 120 for first visit.

    Anybody knows any orthodontist in North London/London who doesn't charge the first examination either for 6 month smiles or Invisalign?

    Any other braces different than the metal ones could be another good option.


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    My best advice is to look for a clinic which provides all options so that if you have an examination all options will be discussed so that you than dont need to travel from one clinic to another.

    If you looked on the net you would see some clinics offer free examinations. In the scheme of things I would suggest you go by the clinics reputation and portfolio rather than a free examination so that you know you are going to get a good result.

    Good luck.
    Dr Anoop Maini BDS DGDP (UK)
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