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    just last month i fixed the ceramic 6 teeth set in the front view (top and bottom ), now the problem is , am observing bad smell , i know the reason , because in the top teeth set, there is small gaps, so i thing , the food are storing there, that make this bad smell, i consult my dentist, she said no prob, take twice the mouth wash , but am not happy with that solution , please advise some good ideas, Thanks

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    Hi i am not a dentist, maybe one will comment, i suggest flossing plus the mouth wash, also lots of interdental brushes are available, my Dentist gave me some which have rubber type 'bristles', these are fab as they dont bend like the old type.Not sure you are asking in the right section of this forum, this is the Braces section.

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    I agree with JUles get some interdental brushes that help reach the gaps they are made by a company called TePe and most dentists do stock them, if it still concerns you raise the issue with your dentist again or possibly seek a second opinion.

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