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    Default Can I get NHS metal braces from orthodontist

    Hii. I av just turned 18, and i have been askin my dentist for metal braces for years, and she never refered me unless i had 4,000 to pay for them! and now i have just gone to a diffrent dentist and she as refered me to orthodontist! i was so happy when she said ill refer you. but i have just turned 18, and i am a ema student get 30 pound a week? as i am a full time student getting ema? am i eligible for metal braces. i have a fang on my right hand side. and it puts me down such a lot! a carnt even smile. and as am getting older the more am bothered about it. could any 1 please give me information? can i get them on nhs?
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    The NHS can help if it is very crooked, for simpler cases you will have to pay privately. This unfortunately does not depend on how you feel about the position. You would need to see an orthodontist to have this assessed

    I hope this helps

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