I am about to have braces on both arches as an adult.

My question is regarding what price people would pay for the required extractions. I understand these are usually performed by your general dentist.

I need a one upper arch pre-molar extracting, and my (private) dentist has quoted 200 for this! (for a half hour appointment).

I think I am being fleeced - perhaps I should just go back to my old NHS dentist and have it done for around the band two price of 45.60? However I like my private dentist and they do genuinely listen to you and lavish you with time and attention. My last restoration is by far the best I have ever had (compared to some pretty dodgy white ones my NHS dentist did privately!). Is there much difference a private dentist can make doing something basic like an extraction?

I gave up on my NHS dentist about 6 months ago when I got tooth ache. I went religiously every 6 months, with no problems other than an occassional filling. When I got tooth ache they could not see me for a week, so I went to a private dentist who said I escaped a root canal by the narrowest margin! (even I could see the massive shadow on the radiograph). Thinking about it now, I did not have a single radiograph or scale and polish in 5 years at my NHS dentist .... (OK, rant over!)

What do you all think? Comments gratefully received!