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    Default orthodontic insurance for braces?

    Hi there,
    Is there any dental insurance out there that cover cosmetic -braces?
    I've just been with my orthodontist and told that the cost for braces(traditional) for me would be 3,500 pounds (18 months period, including follow up). I've already paid about 200 pounds for my recent few visits with orthodontist.
    I need to have 4 teeth removed prior this and that will cost me another few hundred pounds. I was advised to get this done as soon as i can so the braces can be fitted in next few months.
    I'm currently 26y/o, working part-time and has not got any insurance currently.
    I'm looking for advice to cut down my dental cost, particularly if anyone knows of any dental insurance that will cover cosmetic surgery. Even so, wonder if i'll benefit from the 'usual' dental insurance?
    i read about orthodontist insurance cover being available in USA/Canada but can't seem to find anything in UK.
    Any advice/suggestions much appreciated.Thanks!

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    I don't think you will be able to find anything, health insurances in the US are used instead of an NHS type system

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