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    Default 6 month smile - brackets discoloured

    Hi there, im currently 3 months into my 6 month smile procedure (although it may take longer than 6 months)

    i am pleased with the results so far, but despite cutting down Tea, and trying to avoid foods with dye (curry, tomato sauce etc)

    But im finding that my brackets are getting quite yellow and very very off putting.

    i am brushing my teeth several times a day, unfortunately i cannot get a hold of my dentist for the next 2 weeks as he is away.

    anyone have any similar problems or advice on trying to get rid of the yellow off the actual brackets? (wires are due to be changed anyway).

    Final note - do not be discouraged by getting the 6 month smiles because of this, i put the blame on myself and i could have been a lot more vigilant when it came to certain foods and or drinks.

    but the results i am getting are amazing (aside from when my teeth straighten im likely to have a gap either side of my front big teeth)

    Once again thanks.


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    Default six months smile

    I had a 6 months smile brace last year. I drank lots of tea, ate lots of currys and even had the odd glass of red wine, my brackets never went yellow just the elasctic bands around them? I did notice though that every month when I went for my checkup and brace adjusting my brace did look yellowish but when my new elastic bands were on my brace looked like new again.
    How often do you go for a checkup? Do you think it could be that it's the bands that are yellow and not the brackets?


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    i dont see any rubber bands, just the brackets that have been bonded to my teeth and the wire itself.

    when i was sleeping i knocked a bracket off the bond with my teeth, there was only the bracket then too, no rubber band.

    am i missing something here?

    my next appointment is not till the end of July

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    hi Jules thanks for the comment.

    after phoning the dentists and speaking to his assistant im getting the doughnuts changed at my next appointment anyway

    ill ask them what to do then.

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    It could be the brackets that are discoloured in which case the only solution is to accept this or discuss changing them with your dentist – but this is likely to involve fees.

    However it could be that it is the elastics that hold the wire in the brackets that are discoloured in which case they are much easier to change and this happens routinely when the wire is changed.

    With respect to the spaces, these can be closed as part of the braces treatment. Equally it may be that to put all the teeth in proportion (if your front two teeth are too big) that it is desirable to leave some spaces. Then the lateral incisors can be made bigger by bonding or porcelain restorations.

    You should discuss this with your dentist before the braces are taken off
    Dr David Bloom BDS

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