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    Unhappy Need Some Advice! Very Urgent!

    Hi all,

    Well here's my teeth-story:

    I have an overbite about 1/4 inch, my teeth are over-crowed and my bottom front teeth are a little crooked. I REALLY do not feel comfortable wearing braces at all! PLEASE tell me i have other options and what are they??

    Also with the payments, are there ever monthly payment options? or does that vary, or do people usually give the whole sum up front?

    I hope this makes sense And I am looking forward to your replies!

    Best regards,

    Sherry Davies

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    May I ask why you are against the braces?

    other treatment modalities may be an option but may be incredibly aggressive and give a substandard outcome.

    If discretion is a concern for you there are numerous options available such as Invisalign and Incognito.

    With regards to payment options, each practice is individual but most have options available and it would be best to speak to your chosen practice

    I hope this helps

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    There are always going to be options. However without a full examination it is not possible to assess what these may be. These may include various types of braces as well as restorative options .Therefore I would advise a consultation with, ideally, an accredited member of the British academy of cosmetic dentistry but failing this a full member of the academy to assess these options and discus the pros and cons with you

    Re payments most dentists will now offer payment plans for 10 months to up to 5 years.


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