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    Default What should I do? No prep veneers? Veneers? Please help!

    I've always disliked my teeth ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted the "perfect Hollywood smile" but in the past few years it's started to bother me more and more. I've spent about a year reading up on all the different things I could have done and about a year ago I had them laser whitened which was great, but they faded and although they are still quite white they aren't the snow white colour I'd like them to be.

    Anyway I looked into veneers but was told that due to me overbite it wouldn't be a good idea so I decided to go ahead and get braces. So at the moment I'm having a bit of orthodontic work done (2 teeth pulled out the top and invisallgn to straighten the rest out).

    The problem is the main thing that's always bothered me about my teeth was colour, I would like them to be "Simon Cowell" white. I know it doesn't look natural but I really like the look of it. The main reason I'm so keen on veneers was so they would be that snow white colour, because to be honest my teeth were pretty straight in the first place.

    Anyway when I asked my dentist about it they said that I wouldn't like them and it wouldn't be a good idea because they would have to damage perfectly good teeth in order to get them that colour.

    I'm just wondering what you think I should do? Could I get non-prep veneers? Would it be possible to coat my teeth in composite ( i know that sound strange but it would be the perfect way to get my teeth very white without drilling them etc)?

    Thanks for any help I really appreciate it.

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    I would recommend you google "no preparation veneers" to get a bit more information. It may be possible to use composite bonding, it is something best discussed with your dentist. Bonding and veneers need similar preparations for long term success

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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