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    Have posted previous questions on this forum and I've really appreciated the advice given, particulary Dr Khaira - many thanks for your informative advice. My previous post was about me being unhappy with veneers that I have had fitted.
    I am wondering if inman aligner might be a possibility to improve what I have now.
    I think things would feel better if the teeth were set back a little, so they are not as prominent. I wondered if this might be achievable with an inman aligner. My 2 front ones are the main concern. The 2 front veneers are also not completely straight - one is slightly further forward than the other.
    I think if they were all straight and set slightly back, to where my natural teeth were sitting, I think I could live with them.
    Do you feel this may be a possibility? I would worry about the veneers becoming loose or dislodged if the pressure was applied from the brace, would this be a risk? Also rough costs? Thank you so much.

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    It could be possible as long as there was no risk of major damage done to your veneers. I have utilised the Inman aligner numerous times int similar situations.

    Fees would depend on complexity fo treatment and range from 950-2500

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards
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