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    Default Veneers fitted today & dentist did a BAD job! Advice required.

    I thought I'd chosen a good dentist but was silly not to request photographs of previous work done & testimonials. Guess I was impressed by the very snazzy property and the full price.

    I was fitted with 4 veneers (front teeth, top row) today (to replace previous four to match newly zoom whitened mouth). I made the assumption they would create the same length veneers as my previous ones but they are MUCH shorter and the line of the teeth is way off - one looks longer than the others. In addition the two front teeth are fitted at an angle and look ridiculous!

    He never took an impression of my bottom teeth so the lab could see the mouth as a whole. I naturally have an open bite but my previous veneers mostly resolved this. These new veneers are short, look silly, and make my bite look SO open.

    Its not just me that thinks its a bad job - my parents picked me up & couldn't believe the job he did. They are so angry. I would have used my previous dentist but he retired.

    The cost is 3,000 but on a 0% plan so I've only paid a couple of instalments.

    Where do I stand re: telling them that I am not prepared to pay for such an unsatisfactory job which is awful in comparison to my previous veneers (except for the nice white colour)?

    The issue I have is that I really do NOT want to give them the opportunity to correct them. I don't want him to touch my teeth again and want to go somewhere else.

    If I don't allow him the opportunity to attempt to correct his mistakes am I entitled to not pay or do I lose all my money?

    Secondly, are you able to PM me with a recommendation for a new dentist in Manchester? Can you vouch for Kiss Dental?

    Thanks so much in advance. I'll await your quick reply! I'm devastated!

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    I can certainly understand how traumatic it can be, unfortunately I correct a lot of cosmtic dentistry and have seen the emotional distress that acompanies it.

    I will send you a PM tonight if that's ok

    Kindest regards

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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    sorry to hear about your negative experience. KissDental is a very good cosmetic practice with a great reputation and this is reflected by the numerous awards won. I would personally recommend them for the Manchester area.

    Best of Luck

    Dr Raha Sepehrara BSC(Hons) BDS with Distinction

    The Dental Suite, Leicestershire

    Quality dental and Implant care

    Winner of Best Young Dentist In the Midlands Award 2009

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    Thank you both for your responses - it is greatly appreciated.

    And thank you for the Kiss Dental recommendation. I'll contact them tomorrow to arrange a consultation.

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