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    Hello, i'm new here ...
    well I just got veneers done today on 8 front teeth, they look good but feel thick and a bit large especially the incisors !!
    my dr told me if I felt that I wanted any changes done I could go see him so he can file them down for me.
    But I'm wondering what can be done to reshape or reduce this bulkiness, just filing or getting new veneers all over again??
    I am not up for getting new veneers it's just too frustrating :S

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    and welcome to the forum!

    It is very difficult to comment on your case without seeing your teeth. Of course minor recontouring of veneers can easily be done, but anything major changes may require replacement of the veneers.

    please bear in mind that it may take some time to get used to the new veneers.

    Best of Luck

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    Thank you for replying so fast…

    I thought that veneers are supposed to feel real and natural as soon as they’re put on
    and these don’t really feel so natural, they feel thick and i fear I might look like a horse!
    Here’s a picture of what my veneers look like...not different from my real teeth, they’re more like an enhanced version on my natural teeth.
    My natural teeth weren’t crooked or anything I just didn’t like the shape or structure of them, I wanted perfect teeth.

    Did I make the wrong decision getting veneers?
    Is the process of replacing the veneers going to be more difficult than getting them in the first place?

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