Ultrasonex SU800 : Electric Toothbrush

The Ultrasonex SU800 toothbrush set comes with two brushes, a base charger, eight spare brush heads and a travel charger. The brushes have a variable speed option, which can be set at 9,000 strokes per minute for people with sensitive teeth or tender gums or 18,000 strokes per minute for those wanting a deeper clean.

The brushes are fitted with inbuilt timers, which run in cycles of 30 seconds; each period of time should be used to brush a different area of the mouth. The timer will pause for one second after each 30 second session and continue for 3 minutes; this encourages people to brush their teeth for longer. Using the SU800 brushes will eradicate plaque and bacteria and protect against oral health problems caused by harmful bacteria and tartar.

The SU800 brushes are ideal for people who travel a lot; they are easy to use and can be charged using either the base charger or the travel charger.

Guide to Ultrasonex Electric Toothbrushes

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