Ultrasonex SU100 : Electric Toothbrush

The Ultrasonex SU100 brush has been specially designed for teenage children; it has a fun design and comes with a range of features that will help your child to enjoy good oral health.

The SU100 toothbrush has two cleaning modes, one for sensitive teeth and one for deep cleaning; the ‘optimum’ deep cleaning mode produces around 18,000 strokes per minute, while the sensitive mode produces fewer strokes, giving a gentler clean.

The SU100 toothbrush also has a timer, which runs in cycles of 30 seconds; after each thirty second session the brush will pause for one second before moving onto the next session; the whole cycle runs for 3 minutes. The timer helps users to ensure they have brushed their teeth thoroughly each time.

The SU100 toothbrush fights plaque, protects the gums and helps to keep the teeth looking white and healthy. The brush comes with spare heads and stickers which can be used to personalise the brush. This is an ideal product for older children and will help them to enjoy high standards of oral health. The toothbrush takes two AA batteries.

Guide to Ultrasonex Electric Toothbrushes

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