UltraBlu Advanced Blue Light toothbrush : Electric Toothbrush

The UltraBlu Advanced Blue Light toothbrush is a revolutionary battery powered toothbrush that has been inspired by the blue light technology used in dental practices.

The UltraBlu Advanced Blue Light toothbrush helps to protect the gums, whilst also targeting and fighting plaque. The brush head has been specially designed to remove plaque and bacteria from all areas of the mouth and will help to protect against a whole host of oral health conditions, including tooth decay and gingivitis.

The UltraBlu Advanced Blue Light toothbrush uses sophisticated blue light technology to kill harmful bacteria; this protects against gum disease, cavities and reduces the risk of suffering from halitosis (commonly known as bad breath). Research has shown that when the bacteria are exposed to the blue light, a large proportion are killed in a matter of seconds.

The Advanced Blue Light toothbrush has been proven to kill bacteria, reduce plaque, fight bad breath and reduce pain associated with sensitivity. The blue light also has a whitening effect and can lighten the teeth to make your smile look more attractive and more youthful.

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