Phillips Electric Toothbrushes : Electric Toothbrush

The Phillips Sonicare range consists of a number of specially designed electric toothbrushes, which aim to produce effective cleaning in order to promote good standards of oral health. Electric toothbrushes are believed to offer a greater level of cleaning when it comes to oral hygiene and Philips have developed several electric toothbrushes to boost this theory.

The Sonicare range is a favourite amongst qualified dentists and sales figures show the products are amongst the best-selling oral hygiene products in the UK and in the US.

The Phillips team combines the latest technology with advances in dental care and advice and input from professional dentists in order to produce the most effective brushes for consumers.

The Phillips Sonicare range has something for everyone, including the young and older. The various electric toothbrushes are outlined below:

Guide to Phillips Electric Toothbrushes

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