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Interplak Power Plaque Remover

The Interplak Power Plaque Remover is a handy cordless product that has a direct plug-in charger, which eradicates the need for wires and plugs in the bathroom. The Power Plaque Remover has an innovative triple action head, which removes plaque, massages and polishes the teeth.

The Power Plaque Remover promotes good oral health; using it twice a day will help to reduce the chances of suffering from oral health conditions caused by plaque and tartar build-up. The Power Plaque Remover fights plaque and removes deposits from hard to reach areas of the mouth; removing plaque will help to prevent tartar build-up as well as protecting the gums, preventing halitosis and keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

The Power Plaque Remover is a great product for those that want to enjoy a deep clean when they brush their teeth; using this toothbrush will help to boost oral health and ensure you have a smile worth showing off.

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