Edison Electric Toothbrush

Edison are an oral hygiene company that offer only the on electric toothbrush, but it is one that is of great capability and that can put many others to shame. Many other companies may opt to create a vast selection of electric toothbrushes, but what is the point when you have already got things right the first time round?

The Edison company take such a standing and have therefore stuck with their Edison electric toothbrush. For a deeper clean the device is the right choice, but to make your decision as to whether to opt for this device simpler, we have detailed below an analysis of the one and only Edison Electric Battery Operated toothbrush:

Edison Electric Toothbrush

The Edison electric toothbrush is an effective oscillating device that is able to achieve speeds of 4,500 strokes per minute; a thorough cleaning if there ever was one. The electric toothbrush aids in the prevention and removal of plaque, and promises overall good oral health. The Edison electric toothbrush has 65 degree sweeping motion bristles, which makes it a simple matter to reach those difficult to reach areas of the teeth and gums. The sweeping motion bristles effectively massage and brush below the gum line, and are of a gentle nature to teeth and gums that may be sensitive.

The Edison electric toothbrush is ideal for the family, as it contains colour coded brushing heads which can be used for each individual member of the family. The bristle heads are of a rotary system which uses soft bristles that are water resistant and ensure that you will have an effective cleaning experience. The Edison electric toothbrush uses fast speed and sweeping bristle motions to combat plaque and any hidden food particles. The Edison electric battery operated toothbrush is portable which is ideal for those on the go.

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