Difflam Oral Rinse

This medication is used to treat inflammation of the mouth and throat through its active ingredient, benzydamine hydrochloride. This ingredient is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug, that works to prevent the formation of certain chemicals in the body called prostaglandins, that are responsible for causing inflammation. This medication is used in the form of a mouth wash to reduce inflammation in the mouth and throat.


  • It is used to reduce pain and inflammation after dental surgery.
  • It reduces symptoms of pharyngitis or throat inflammation due to infections.
  • It reduces mouth ulcers, and sores that have been caused by radiation therapy.
  • It treats pharyngitis caused after a tonsillectomy.
  • It is used to treat pharyngitis after a naso-gastric tube has been passed into the stomach through the nose.


  • Do not bring in contact with eyes.
  • It should preferably be used in an undiluted form. However, if there is stinging, you can dilute the rinse with water.
  • Do not exceed use for more than 7 days, unless advised by your doctor.
  • Do not swallow the mouth wash, but spit it out.
  • It is not recommended for use in children under 12 years of age.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this medication, do not use.
  • There is not enough information available on the effects of this medication on an unborn foetus or a nursing baby. Seek your doctor’s advice before taking this medication while pregnant or during breast feeding.

Side effects
There may be a numb sensation in the mouth and throat, or a stinging sensation.

Drug interactions
This medicine has not been found to have any interactions with other drugs.