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The Cosmetic Dental Clinic Newcastle

2 Old Eldon Square Newcastle-Upon-tyne, Tyne-and-Wear, NE1 7JG
Web: Tel: 0191 260 3688


26 Albion Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6JS
Web: Tel: 0113 245 4868
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2 reviews

Kissdental - Manchester City Centre

13 Stanley Street, Manchester, M8 8SH
Web: Tel: (0161) 832 9477
4.573333326975504 Rating
15 reviews
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Sunderland can refer both to the settlement of Sunderland and the larger City of Sunderland, which is named for the eponymous settlement, but also contains a number of other areas within its limits. It is located in the North East of England on the River Wear’s mouth. There is no dental school in Sunderland, however the cities nearby neighbour Newcastle, which has one at its University. Sunderland itself has 177,739 inhabitants, whereas the wider City has 280,807 people resident.

If you are looking for a Sunderland based cosmetic dentist, there are a number in the area, who can provide you with a whole range of services. Please note that many of these procedures are only available from a private practitioner and are not available from the NHS. So find an NHS dentist and a list of their treatments visit the NHS website.

For dull, stained teeth your dentist can offer you a range of teeth whitening treatments, which will have lifeless teeth brilliant and sparkling in under an hour. For those with more severe stains or chipped teeth consult your dentist about the porcelain veneers option.

If you are one of the UK’s many dental phobia sufferers, rest assured that there are many specially trained dentists in the Sunderland area, who will be able to help you through appointments and treatments.  Search online for those with high dental phobia ratings.

Check-ups are essential to your oral health and can prevent such serious problems as tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Book an appointment for every 6 months to ensure that you are in the best of oral health. However, if you being to suffer from symptoms such as bleeding gums, severely sensitive teeth and persistent mouth ulcers, go see your dental practitioner at once.

Tooth loss can happen to us all, be it through disease, decay, accident or injury and self-esteem is often knocked due to an incomplete smile. Your cosmetic dentist can offer you a number of natural looking treatments, which will return your smile to its former glory. Each of the restorative treatments are matched and custom-made to fit in with your teeth and mouth, leaving you with a beautiful, natural looking smile. These treatments can include implants, crowns, dentures and bridges. Consult you dentist about your best options.

Orthodontics has greatly advanced over the last few years and your cosmetic dentist can provide you with some of their newest and best systems. These include a whole range of ‘invisible’ braces such as Incognito, Invisalign and lingual braces and a number of fast acting brace systems such as 6-month smiles, Inman aligners and Damon braces. Book an appointment with your dentist to decide upon the best brace for you.

Non-surgical facial treatments are now available from your local cosmetic dentist, with treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox used by a number of trained professionals.

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