Clock Tower Dental Clinic

Clock Tower Dental Clinic

01372 720136

88 High Street, Epsom, Surrey

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The Clock Tower Dental Clinic has been long established since 1933 and provides the highest quality dental care in a high-tech and friendly environment. The clinic is situated in Epsom, Surrey, in the South East of England.

The clinical husband and wife team, Dr Andrew Murphy and Dr Deepi Murphy are the practice principals. They offer a full range of dental treatments with dental implants, cosmetic, mercury-free, and homeopathic dentistry being the cornerstones of their practice.

The Clock Tower Dental Clinic focus on the provision of the latest dental treatment in a pain-free manner with the use of technology such as The Wand painless injection system and sedation dentistry. they frequently undertake postgraduate courses and training to enable the most appropriate care to be used.

Prevention is the philosophy at the heart of The Clock Tower Dental Clinic's strategy-it is possible to keep the teeth and gums in such a way as to never need interventional dental treatment. They advocate regular dental hygiene visits and patient education on how teeth should be cared for.

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