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Cambridge is a City in East Anglia; it is approximately 50 miles to the North East of London. Cambridge is covered by the postal code areas CB1 – CB 5 and CB 21 – CB 25. Despite its world renown as a centre of learning, Cambridge does not have a dental school. The nearest dental schools can be found in London. Cambridge’s population is estimated at 122,800.

Cambridge cosmetic dental practitioners can offer various means to better your smile and enhance your oral health.

If you are looking for revitalising treatment for your teeth then most cosmetic dentists offer teeth whitening as an easy and simple option, which can have your teeth several shades whiter within a matter of minutes. If you feel that this may not be enough for your discoloured teeth there is always the option of porcelain veneers, which can be fixed over the front of your teeth to create a new and wonderful smile.

Regular check-ups are recommended to monitor the status of your mouth and teeth, whilst looking for problems, which may occur. If harmful changes are spotted quick enough they can be treated and the condition can be prevented from spreading. Treatments used to stop the spread of decay and infection includes periodontal cleaning, root canal surgery and fillings, which can help stop gum disease, cavities and tooth loss.

If you feel that the infection has spread possibly killing teeth or damaging the gums or jaw it is of vital important that you consult your dentist so they can remove the infected tissue. Once this is done it is always recommended that replace the missing tooth so as to maintain the structure of your mouth. Restorative treatment can include dentures, implants, bridges and crowns all of which are tailored and matched to your teeth and mouth to leave you with a natural looking, healthy smile.

If your problem is orthodontic, cosmetic dentist practices can offer you a more advanced range of treatments including Lingual braces, 6-month smiles, Inman aligners and Invisalign braces. These systems are a great deal more discreet and comfortable to wear than the traditional metal braces and are virtually undetectable.

Dentist are now able to offer such facial rejuvenation treatments as dermal fillers and Botox so ask your dentist if they practice these procedures next time you are in.

A lot of cosmetic dentistry is classed as non-essential and is therefore not covered by the NHS. If you would like to find a local NHS dentist and see a list of the procedures they offer consult the NHS website.

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