Oral B Essential Floss : Dental Floss

The Oral B Essential Floss targets the places where your toothbrush cannot normally arrive at and efficiently removes plaque and food particles from the teeth. The combination of a specifically created filament alongside a polymer covering ensures that plaque is removed easily and teeth are left in a good level of hygiene. The Oral B Essential Floss is easy to put in between the teeth and poses little problems compared to that of some other dental flosses on the market.

The Oral B Essential Floss also has the added bonus of providing a high level of resistance to shredding so will not break in your hand or lose any of its texture when slipping it between tight teeth gaps. The shred resistant quality of the Oral B Essential Floss gives you reassurance and comfort when flossing and leaves your teeth feeling clean and refreshed. The Oral B Essential Floss is available to buy both in the UK and USA.

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