A Guide to Tattoo Removal

For over five thousand years, people have been using tattoos to decorate their body. The desire to remove these tattoos from the body has existed just as long. Tatoos can be put on you very easily although they can not be removed just as easily. There are a lot of people who get tattoos and regret having them later on. Putting a tattoo on you may be a good idea at one point in your life but can be a problem later on.

Using laser technology, tattoos can be completely removed. It is the preferred method of removing tattoos because of the remarkable results. Scarring is minimized and you do not even experience much pain during the procedure.

The VersaPulse Laser System is a leader in tattoo removal. If you want your tattoo removed then consider this treatment. It is a system that is completely safe and effective. Now is the time for you to make a decision and change your life once again.

The VersaPulse Laser System works in different wavelengths of laser light. This enables the treatment of tattoos of different colours. The laser removes the pigment and avoids damaging the healthy skin. Since laser light is colour specific, each laser treats one colour. This means that if you have a multicoloured tattoo then you will need several different colours of lasers to treat it.

The VersaPulse uses different colours of light to remove the various colours of ink on your body. The laser beam of light will be used to penetrate the skin and vaporize the pigment used in your tattoo. The several colours of tattoos will absorb different wavelengths of light. The red, blue, and green colours of tattoos will need different laser emissions. The darker colours like black and blue are removed much easier with the laser light. This is because that there is higher light absorption rate for the darker colours than the lighter colours. Yellow, green, and red are the harder colours to remove.

The laser light is specifically absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This pigment is then broken down into small fragments. The fragments will be small enough for the body’s immune system to carry it away. Each treatment will remove bits and pieces of the pigment slowly until the whole tattoo is completely gone.

These tattoos can be treated every month or every other month. It is a good idea for the body to absorb as much of the pigment as possible before going on to the next treatment. The number of treatments you need will depend on the number of colours of your tattoo, the depth of the tattoo, and its type. On average, it will take around eight to twenty treatments for your tattoo to be completely removed.

Amateur tattoos that have been put on by people on their own can easily be pigmented on many different levels within the skin. This may require more treatments than usual. Different wavelengths will be required to reach all these pigments and completely remove the tattoo.

More than ninety five percent of the tattoos on your skin will be completely faded in most cases. You should note that there are more than one hundred tattoo inks being used today. Not even all of them are regulated by the FDA. If you do not know the type of tattoo ink used or the depth of your tattoo then it would be difficult or even impossible to predict the degree of removal of your tattoo.