Rosacea treatments

Rosacea is a disease that occurs in most people. It is characterized by redness and swelling on the face. This is sometimes referred to as adult acne. It usually starts when your face has a tendency to flush or blush quickly. This will then progress into a persistent redness at the centre of the face. It will eventually involve the cheeks, the forehead, the nose, and even the chin. In some cases, the back and the chest are also affected. As the disease develops even further, small blood vessels and tiny pimples start to appear in the reddened areas, although the acne does not have any blackheads.

When rosacea first develops, it may come and go by itself. But when the skin isn’t returning to its original colour, when there are pimples, and when there are enlarged blood vessel, you should certainly have a consultation with your doctor.

Those who are more likely to get rosacea are adults with fair skin. Women who are between the ages of 30 and 50 are prone to this condition. Keep in mind that rosacea can still affect men and children at any age, although it is still more prone in women. This condition is most commonly associated with menopause. It develops over a long period of time. It starts as subtle blushing and sensitivity to cosmetics. Embarrassment or tense moments may trigger the flushing as well.

Rosacea can be treated with an intense pulsed light or IPL. It is an effective treatment because it reduces the flushing and redness of the face. The dilated blood vessels and redness are treated without injuring the healthy skin.