Macrolane breast augmentation injections

If you want to augment your breasts or your buttocks without going through surgery, Macrolane would be an excellent option. With just a simple injection, your breasts and your buttocks can become bigger in about an hour. The treatment will take around 45 minutes. Your breasts and your buttocks will instantly get more volume and lift. Macrolane or hyaluronic acid already exists in your body, so you should not worry about allergic reactions. Your body will not treat it as a foreign substance.

A purer form of Macrolane is available so subtle changes in the breast or buttocks are already possible. Your breasts can increase by as much as one cup size. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area and reduce discomfort. There is also no recovery time needed and no scarring.

One of the nice things about the procedure is that you can check the shape of your breast halfway through and determine whether everything is going as planned. This check cannot be performed in traditional surgery.

After the first few days of the treatment, Macrolane will feel firm. It will gradually become softer over two weeks as it absorbs water. It will slowly get the texture of normal body tissue. You may require follow-ups every year. Half of the amount injected would be given once every year. Macrolane does not interfere with mammograms, unlike the traditional silicone treatments.

Ladies who want to increase their cup size from A to B, B to C, and so on, or men and women who would want more volume on their buttocks are great candidates for Macrolane treatment. Ladies who lack fullness of bust, have drooping nipples, or have nipples that point outwards are also ideal candidates for Macrolane treatment.