Hydra Fill Wrinkle Treatment

The Hydra Fill treatment may be the best solution for your lines, wrinkles, facial contouring and lip enhancement needs. Some people are comfortable with the lines on their face as they age, but many of us aren't. There are several fillers that are available to treat lines and wrinkles. Treatments are safe, fast, effective, and they do not require a lot of recovery time. You may need to go through the treatments once a year.

What is the role of hyaluronic acid and Hydra Fill?

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally on your skin and plays an important part in keeping your skin moisturised, elastic and toned. Without hyaluronic acid, the skin will age faster. Hyaluronic acid is where the collagen fibres and elastin are immersed.

Hydra Fill is the same as the hyaluronic acid that is found on your skin. It will be injected into your dermis layer in order to replenish the levels of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid will trap the water molecules and give your skin volume and form. Your ageing lines are reduced quickly and your lip borders will be filled instantly. You will be able to preserve and restore your youthful-looking skin instantly.

How is the Hydra Fill treatment performed?

The Hydra Fill can be used for all skin types. After you have your personal consultation and diagnosis with your doctor, the most suitable treatment will be advised for you. Hydra Fill is available in three formulas and they will be administered depending on the type and severity of your lines and wrinkles.

The treatment will take around fifteen to thirty minutes. It will involve the injection of the Hydra Fill into your dermis using a very fine needle. The injection will penetrate a few millimetres into your skin and will be painless. Sometimes anaesthetic will be used to reduce the discomfort. After the injection, there may be small red marks and some slight swelling for a few hours. This is only temporary and will eventually go away. The results of Hydra Fill can be seen immediately and it may last for about six to nine months. In order to maintain your look, you should have Hydra Fill treatment once a year. It is natural, biocompatible and safe so you should not worry.