Dermalive is basically a new hyaluronic gel that is thick enough to enhance your cheekbones, fill out the deep nose-to-mouth lines, inverted scars, and make weak chins look more pronounced. Dermalive can last for up to several years. There is finally a solution that is designed to fill in wrinkles and skin defects effectively.

First of all, Dermalive is not made from animal products. This means that you should not worry about any allergies. A pre-test will not be required before an injection. Secondly, Dermalive has a very long life. It takes several years instead of a few months. Finally, the targeted application is made possible with the presence of an ideal vector or carrier in the form of hyaluronic acid.

Dermalive meets all safety, efficiency, and reliability standards that are set by the EEC. Dermalive is available to everyone. If you are on your quest to reducing the visible effects of ageing and reducing slight imperfections then Dermalive is right for you.

Dermalive is perfect for correcting deep wrinkles like deep smile lines, deep creases that are found around your nose and around your mouth, frown creases, lip outlines, depressed scars, augmentation of the soft tissues on your cheek, augmentation of soft tissue on your lips, acne scarring, frown lines, flat lips, wrinkled lips, glabellar lines, laughter lines, and the fine lines around the mouth.

Dermalive is injected into the inner layers of the dermis where wrinkles are treated. The acrylic hydrogel and the hyaluronic acid gel in Dermalive forms a capsule that restores the volume of your skin, reduces the wrinkles on your face, redefines the lip contours of your cheek and chin area, and increases the volume of your cheek and chin area.

The capsule does not disappear completely, unlike resorbable implants, because the hydrogel particles are maintained in the dermis. This produces a longer-lasting effect. The hyaluronic acid content is 60% of the volume of Dermalive and it is similar to what it is present in organisms without any dissolvable traces.

Right after the treatment, the acrylic hydrogel particles will remain huddled together surrounded by the connective tissue capsules, which will stay there until complete integration into the dermis is accomplished.

It will take around four to eight weeks for the collagen fibres to form and go through micro-vascularisation. This is the development of the blood vessels that are present. The natural texture of the dermis is reproduced around these particles and then they eventually integrate indefinitely into the treated area.

The whole absorption process will take several months to finish. The acrylic hydrogel particles are maintained at the injection site and they provide effects that last for a long time. The hyaluronic acid will provide the acrylic hydrogel with smooth and calm integration. It will take around two to three sessions in order to come up with the best results that will last for a long time.