TCA Easy Peel Skin Peel

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is constantly exposed to the elements. The exposure to the sun, wind, and other external elements can have an adverse impact on your skin over the years. There are several facial peel treatments that are meant to accelerate the removal of old dead cells on the surface of your skin. They are meant to bring forth the softer and smoother skin below. These peel treatments are gentle compared to the laser resurfacing techniques administered nowadays.

There are a lot of types of chemical peel treatments. Each of them will use different chemicals and fruit acids. The light and the medium depth peels normally use TCA or Trichloroacetic acid. The gentler peels use Glycolic acid.

The TCA peel removes the upper layers of the skin which are the layers that are normally damaged by the elements such as the sun, wind, and stress. When the upper layer of the skin is removed, the overall skin texture becomes smooth. The superficial wrinkles and the colour irregularities are improved. One of the advantages of this peel is its pasty texture. This makes applying the treatment easy. It also ensures an even distribution of the treatment over the skin. Patients will have a more vibrant and fresh appearance after the treatment.

The TCA peel has been used for several years already. It has been used to treat facial wrinkles, age spots, pregnancy effects, sun-damaged skin, and pigment abnormalities. Pre-cancerous lesions, freckles, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles can also be successfully treated with the TCA peel.

The TCA Peel is one of the most innovative ways to rejuvenate the skin. When it is applied to the skin, the top layers of skin cells are peeled off over several days. When the old skin has peeled off, it will expose a new layer of undamaged skin. This layer of skin is smoother and has a more even colour.

TCA treatment is done in a single session of around fifteen to thirty minutes. In this period, you will experience a slight burning sensation. The sensation is barely noticeable that anaesthesia need not be applied. Several treatment sessions may be required before you can achieve the desired results. At the end of the treatment, you will be given an information leaflet. This acts as a reference card for post-treatment care and optimisation of your treatment. Your skin will be sensitive to sunlight after every treatment so try avoiding the sun. Wear sunscreen and hats to avoid strong sunlight.