Aphrodite Gold

What is Aphrodite Gold?

Aphrodite Gold is a long-lasting injectable that is composed of natural atelocollagen and coated polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) microbeads. Aphrodite Gold is used to correct lines and wrinkles.

What kind of wrinkles can Aphrodite Gold treat successfully?

Aphrodite Gold is suited for treating:

  • puppet lines in the nose area.
  • drooping corners of your mouth.
  • horizontal chin folds.
  • minor chin imperfections.
  • wrinkles on thick skin.
  • augmentation of your lips.
  • scars.
  • other imperfections like acne.

How does Aphrodite Gold work?

Aphrodite Gold will be injected into your skin using a thin needle. Your doctor will move the needle gently back and forth in accordance to the tunnelling technique where tiny ducts are created. These ducts will be filled with Aphrodite Gold. The injected collagen will be absorbed by the body and even more collagen will be produced. There will be a thin layer of connective tissue formed around the PMMA beads. They will occur on account of the collagen but they will not be absorbed by the body. The augmentation process will take around two months. The wrinkles will be visible for a few weeks and then they will completely disappear after two to three months.

How long does an Aphrodite Gold treatment take?

An Aphrodite Gold treatment will take about fifteen to thirty minutes, and this will depend on the number of wrinkles that have to be treated.

Will the Aphrodite Gold treatment work?

The Aphrodite Gold treatment will not cause you much pain, although it may be a little more painful in certain areas like the lips. You can ask your doctor for anaesthetics if you want to reduce any discomfort.

What will happen after the treatment?

Your skin will turn red after the treatment and may even be swollen for around two to three days. The product may be noticed because of the collagen being absorbed by the body, but the encapsulation process and stimulation of the new collagen will not yet have taken full effect. This will last for about two to three months. Your skin will feel softer afterwards.

Do you need a long recovery period after the treatment?

You do not need a long recovery period after the treatment. You may want to take it easy for a few days though. It is important that you do not stress your facial muscles for the first three days. Some strong facial expressions may hamper the effects of the PMMA beads. The formation of connective tissue is also important to have great results.

Is Aphrodite Gold safe?

There have been more than two hundred and fifty thousand treatments over the past ten years and the treatment is totally safe.

Are there specially trained doctors?

It is important that a specially trained doctor carry out the Aphrodite Gold procedure. Utmost care is applied to the product and its application on the patient.

Will the wrinkles disappear right away?

The wrinkles will disappear after the skin has been augmented. This is a result of the formation of connective tissue. This tissue will need time to develop, which means that the best results will not be visible after a couple of months.

Is one treatment of Aphrodite Gold enough?

Sometimes you may need two treatments. Your doctor will let you know how many treatments are best for you.

Will the wrinkles go away permanently?

Aphrodite Gold has a long-lasting effect. The effects will be visible for several years. Aphrodite Gold’s PMMA beads will provide long-lasting results unlike other implants that fade away after only a few months. The treatment can not control further ageing though.