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The Slovak Republic has a dramatic landscape with the country meandering into the mighty Tatra Mountains, lowlands, canyons, caves and meadows. It is a land of sporting possibilities such as hiking in the summer to skiing in the winter.  It is also an increasingly popular business and leisure destination, especially contributed by the growing cosmetic dental tourism sector, which offers cosmetic dental treatments in superlative clinics at the hands of dental professionals who have international level expertise and education.  The attractive feature is of course the price tag, they being simply a small fraction of those incurred in most Western and European countries.


Dental Qualification and Accreditation profiles of dental practices in Slovakia

Dental education in Slovakia comprises of six years of study at the end of which a MDDr degree is awarded.  Dental education is offered at the two universities of Comenius University in Bratislava and University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Košice. Junior graduates work under a skilled doctor for at least 3 years to receive their license from The Slovak Chamber of Dentists.

Registration and Permit
To receive the dental license to practice from the Slovak Chamber of Dentists, all graduates must work under a skilled doctor for at least 3 years, following which they must appear before a commission to receive the practice certificate.  The permit has to be renewed every 5 years.

Continuing Education
It is mandatory for dentists to take part in continuing education for 5 days in every year.  The courses are a mixture of practical and theoretical training and are organized by the universities, the Slovak Chamber of Dentists and the dental industry.

Dentists can also pursue specialization in dentistry provided they have completed their one year of post qualification training.  3 year courses are offered in three specialisations -

  • Orthodontics
  • Paedodontics
  • Oral Maxillo-facial Surgery

The course standards and structures are monitored and determined by the Slovak Medical University of the Ministry of Health.

Governing Bodies and Professional Associations
The main dental association is the Slovak Chamber of Dentists which monitors the dental practices and implements international level standards for them. Membership is mandatory for all dentists.

What are the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments offered in Slovakia?
Some of the most popular procedures offered by the cosmetic dental clinics in Slovakia include

  • Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)

  • Porcelain Veneers

  • Bonding

  • Gum Recontouring

  • Dental Jewels

What are the popular locations in Slovakia to seek cosmetic dental treatment?

Cosmetic dental clinics are located in Piestany and Bratislava in Slovakia.

Travelling and accommodation in Slovakia

Getting There by Air
There are three main international airports in Slovakia connecting it with prime international destinations.

  • Bratislava Airport (BTS) – which is 9km from the city supported by bus and taxi services
  • Kosice Airport (KSC) – which is 10km south of the city  supported by bus and taxi services
  • Tatry-Poprad Airport (TAT)

The national airline of Romania is the Air Slovakia
Alternatively, you can also fly into the Vienna International Airport in Austria, which only 50km from Bratislava.

Getting There by Water
There are ferry services and river cruiseliners that connect the main port Bratislava with other European countries.  The main service operator is the LOD with international routes that include

  • Bratislava-Vienna-Bratislava
  • Bratislava-Hainburg-Bratislava
  • Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

River cruise ships stop in Bratislava on their journeys along the Danube.

Getting There by Rail
There is an excellent network of train services that connects the Slovak republic with a number of major European cities. The main services and routes include

  • From western Europe via Prague or Vienna
  • Direct connections with Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Hamburg, Krakow, Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow, St Petersburg, Vilnius and Warsaw

There are also rail passes available that offer unlimited travel as well as discounts in travel to European countries excluding the country of residence.

  1. InterRail –offers unlimited travel in first- or second-class travel to a maximum of 30 European countries for European residents of over six months. It has two pass options
  • The Global Pass - travel for 22 days, one month, five days in 10 days or 10 days in 22 days across all countries.
  • The One-Country Pass - travel for three, four, six or eight days in one month in any of the countries except Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Getting There by Road
You can also drive into Slovakia or avail of coach services from any European state. The international entry points include

  • Direct routes via Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Ukraine
  • From Bratislava via Brno to Prague

Coach services – offered by Eurolines with regular coach services from Bratislava and other important towns to major cities such as Cologne, London, Munich, Paris, Venice and Vienna.

Getting Around by Air
Domestic flights are operated by

  • Air Slovakia (GM)
  • SkyEurope Airlines (NE)

Getting Around by Water
The Danube connects various parts of Slovakia by means of river cruises that offer regular passenger services.

Getting Around by Rail
All regions in Slovakia are interconnected with an efficient rail network operated by Railways of the Slovak Republic (ZSR), offering regular services between Bratislava and main cities and resorts. You can also avail of rail passes which allow discounts and unlimited travel for a certain period and in specific destinations

  • InterRail One-Country Pass - offering travel for three, four, six or eight days in one month within Slovakia but not in the passenger's country of residence

Getting Around by Road
Slovakia is well connected to all the regions through out the country by its well maintained roadways.  The major routes run from Bratislava to Presov and Kosice, via Kralovany and Poprad and are standardised as motorways, first-, second- and third-class metalled roads, and are generally in good condition, particularly on the main arteries. You can get around using the road by availing

  • Bus and coach services – extensive network connecting all areas.  The main bus operator in Slovakia is the BBDS.
  • Trams and trolleybus services - available in Bratislava and many other main towns
  • Car hire – You can avail of car hire services by booking through the tour offices in the main cities and towns. An International Driving Permit is required.
  • Metered Taxis – Are Inexpensive and available in all the main towns

Accommodation in Slovakia
Hotels – Must be prebooked during peak seasons as one may encounter shortage in accommodation.  High standard hotels are found in Bratislava, in regional towns such as Banská Bystrica and Kosice, in the national and international spas and in major tourist resorts such as the High Tatras. Accommodation types ranges from 5star to expensive and cheap motels.

Homestay Accommodation - Stays in private houses in the Slovak Republic are available throughout the year and are arranged by the Slovak Union of Rural Tourism and Agrotourism.

Self Catering – Comprising of chalets ranging from cheaper chalets with basic amenities to expensive chalets with additional features and services.

Youth Hostels – mainly found in Bratislava and are affiliated to the International Youth Hostel Association in the Slovak Republic

Camping/Caravanning – Four classes of campsites are available, all offering facilities such as showers, cooking amenities, shops and, occasionally caravans for hire.



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