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Championed as one of Europe’s hidden treasures, Latvia, the small country on the Baltic Sea, is picturesque with its cultural and historical assets such as the beautiful medieval towns, country castles, museums and folk parks, ruined fortresses, grand palaces, with the serene Gulf of Riga and the open Baltic Sea, its nature parks, lakes and beautiful forests further amplifying its beauty. As a country still retaining its customs, crafts and culture, there is so much for the visitor to appreciate.  Latvia is also emerging as a popular destination for cosmetic dental treatments, owing to the excellent services the Latvian dentists offer at affordable prices.  For the price of a veneer in UK, the visitor gets to get his treatment done as well take a day long tour of the beautiful country of Latvia.

Dental Qualification and Accreditation profiles of dental practices in Latvia

Dental education is carried out in the Riga Stradins University.  The length of the educational curriculum is 5 years. Quality assurance is monitored by the Faculty council.

Graduates with a recognized degree or diploma and who have completed 24 months supervised training only can register with the State Dental Centre.  Trainees are known as Stagier.  Following training it’s mandatory for dentists to pass a professional certification.

Continuing Education

  • It is mandatory for all registered dentists to complete a minimum of 250 hours of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) every 5 years while they practice.
  • Courses are being arranged by the Latvian Dental Association in collaboration with the Faculty and Institute of Stomatology at Riga Stradins University, the State Dental Centre, the Latvian Physicians’ Society and the Latvian Dental Hygienists’ Association, and representatives from industry.

Specialist Training is provided within the Riga Stradin’s University’s Faculty in the Institute of Stomatology in the following fields under dentistry

  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral  Maxillo-facial 
  • Paedodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics

Governing Bodies
The Latvian Dental Association is representative of dentists and is responsible for monitoring

  • control and improvement of qualification of specialists
  • setting of professional criteria and certification
  • approval  of  the  classification  of  criteria  for  service manipulations

The State Dental Centre overlooks

  • enforcement of dental care strategy
  • drafting of various legal acts and norms in dentistry
  • setting  of  medicinal  technologies,  criteria  of manipulations and economical prognosis for a more efficient distribution of resources allocated for dental care
  • setting of the amount of public procurement


What are the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments offered in Latvia?
Some of the most popular procedures offered by the cosmetic dental clinics in Latvia include

  • Filling
  • Crowns
  • Bridge
  • Veneers
  • Tooth whitening
  • Lumineers
  • Caps
  • Bonding/Contouring
  • Dental Implants
  • What are the popular locations in Latvia to seek cosmetic dental treatment?

    The major cosmetic dental clinics are located around Riga in Latvia.

    Travelling and accommodation in Latvia

    Getting There by Air
    There are two main airports in Latvia

    • Riga – which lies 8km from the city and has bus and taxi services from and to the city centre throughout the day.  There are also shuttle bus services to and from several hotels.

    The national airline of Latvia is the airBaltic (BT)

    Getting There by Water
    There are ferry services connecting Latvian ports of Riga and Ventspils with international routes from Stockholm, Germany and UK. These include

    • Tallink - from Riga to Stockholm
    • DFDS Tor Line in the UK - running ferry services from Riga and Ventspils to Lübeck in Germany and from Riga to Immingham in the UK
    • Muller Baltic - from Ventspils to Nynäshamn, Karlshamn and Rostock
    • SSC Ferries - from Ventspils to S?rem?

    Getting There by Rail
    Riga has rail links with

    • Moscow and St Petersburg in the Russian Federation
    • Tallinn in Estonia
    • Vilnius in Lithuania

    Getting There by Road

    • Latvia is well connected by relatively good routes to Belarus and to the neighbouring two Baltic Republics. Entry points for cars are present in the Russian Federation, Estonia, Belarus or Lithuania and the Via Baltica highway that runs through the Baltic countries.
    • Eurolines offers coach services from London and other European cities to destinations in Latvia.

    Getting Around
    Getting Around by Rail
    Latvia has an extensive rail network with routes from Riga railway terminal at Stacijas laukums to all other major towns in the country.


    Getting Around by Road
    Latvia is well connected to all the regions through out the country by its roadways.  You can get around using the road by availing

    • Bus services - connecting to regions throughout the country. The Central Bus Station is at Pragas iela
    • Car hire – You can avail of car hire services through hotels and directly from international and local car hire companies, and also hire drivers.  Documentation required are an EU licence for European nationals and an International Driving Permit for others nationals.
    • Tram and trolleybus routes available in Riga – some of which also run through the night
    • Taksobussi (share-taxis) – metered taxis but are more expensive than ordinary buses.

    Accommodation in Latvia

    Castles and Manor Houses – Stay in converted castle or grand manor house in the beautiful countryside for those who wish to have the true Latvian experience
    Hotels – Latvia offers international standard hotel accommodations in and outside Riga.

    • In Riga - a broad range of modern hotels and self-catering apartments, which also comprise of branches of major international chains and boutique hotels
    • Outside Riga - from large hotels to cottages and small pensions, and also spa hotels that are a combination of modern and traditional spa facilities such as those found in the coastal resort of Jurmala

    Rural/Farmstay Accommodation - Farm holidays and self-catering cottages in the countryside

    Camping/Caravanning - In picturesque locations accessible from main highways and those that have been certified by the Latvian Camping Association.  They are found on the Gulf of Riga, and by lakes, forests and rivers with spaces for caravans or huts that can be slept in, swimming places, bicycle and boat hire, and saunas.

    Youth Hostels – Latvia has more than 40 hostels across the country providing a range of facilities, many of which are members of Hostelling International.


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