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Greece is the ultimate fusion of natural and cultural landscapes, with a rich history captured in the remarkable edifices that have stood the onslaught of time, its mainland and stunning islands with their diverse topography - meandering into beaches at one point and uprising as steep and picturesque mountain cliffs at another.  It has been the favourite vacation spot for most Europeans for decades.  Today, the visitor can take more than a beautiful memory or lovely photographs with them; they can also reward themselves with a beautiful smile thanks to the high end cosmetic dental clinics in Greece who offer not merely efficiency but also affordability to the inbound tourist seeking cosmetic dental treatment.

Dental Qualification and Accreditation of Greek dental practices


Dental education in Greece comprises of a 5 year university degree which adheres to the EU standards, facilitating Greek dentists to practice in other member states and dentists from other states to practice in Greece, provided that the latter have proven their proficiency in the Greek language.

Continuing education
It is mandatory for all dentists in Greece to broaden their skill set by specialising in specific dental areas such as Implant Biology, prosthodontics, Endodontics etc, after having acquired two years of clinical experience.  These courses usually have a span of 2-3 years.

Governing Bodies and Dental Organisations in Greece

  • Dentists in Greece are members of the Hellenic Dental Association (HDA) on a compulsory basis. The HDA has lain down a code of ethics to be followed by its members.
  • Dentists also need to be registered with one of the 52 Regional Dental Societies which themselves are by default members of the HDA.  The code of ethics lain down by the HDA is administered at the local level by these regional dental associations.


What are the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments offered in Greece?
Some of the most popular procedures offered by the cosmetic dental clinics in Greece include

  • Tooth whitening
  • Bridge
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Caps
  • Filling

What are the popular locations in Greece to seek cosmetic dental treatment?

Most of the popular cosmetic dental clinics are located in Athens, offering superlative treatments and state of the art facilities.  Athens also offers the visitor ample opportunities for exploration and fun, such as visiting the famous Acropolis, taking a walk along the meandering streets of Plaska, treating the palate to some typical Greek cuisine while catching a fabulous view of the Parthenon, or even shopping in the Kolonaki Square.

Travelling and accommodation in Greece

Getting to Greece
Depending upon the boarding destination there are many alternatives for travelling to Greece.
If you are travelling from outside Europe, such as the North And south Americas or other continents, the only possible option of travel is catching either a direct flight or an indirect flight to the international airports in Greece.

Travelling by Air
The main international airports in Greece that have international flights flying in are the new Eleftherios Venizelos airport outside Athens and the airports at Thessaloniki and Heraklion. 
Charter flights from the Europe and the Americas mainly fly into the international airports in or near major tourist hubs like Mykonos, Santorini, Aktio, Corfu, Hania, Kos, Karpathos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Samos, and Skiathos.

Flying options



Boarding destination


Direct non-stop flights into Athens offered by Olympic Airways and Delta Airlines daily

New York

Seasonal direct flights into Athens offered by Olympic Airways


Seasonal direct flights into Athens offered by Delta Airlines


Indirect flights or connection flights into Athens offered by Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, and many other major European carriers via their respective countries

From Europe

Direct flights from major European cities to "Macedonia" International Airport in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, as well as to Corfu (Kerkira), Grete and Rhodes.

Major European cities

From Australia

Daily flights to Athens offered by Alitalia via Bangkok and Rome; KLM Royal Dutch Airlines via Singapore and Amsterdam; Olympic Airways via Bangkok and by Lufthansa.

Perth and Sydney

Several times every week to Athens offered by Alitalia via Bangkok and Rome; KLM Royal Dutch Airlines via Singapore and Amsterdam; Olympic Airways via Bangkok and by Lufthansa.

Brisbane and Melbourne


Getting to Greece from Europe
Via Ferry
Greece is home to several ports enabling travellers originating or bypassing through Italy, Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey or Israel to travel into Greece via ferries.

Embarking port

Destination ports in Greece

Italian ports of Brindisi, Ancona, Bari, Trieste, and Venice

Igoumenitsa and Patra


Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Kefallonia, and Patra



Via train
There are several trains connecting major points in the Greece mainland with major European cities.

Via automobile
Once can also travel to a nearby European city by the motorway and ferry the vehicle across into Greece.  Alternatively, they can also enter the country overland through designated points of entry operating around the clock.


Point of entry












Getting Around in Greece

Car Rental
The easiest and one of the most inexpensive options to travel within Greece where you can rent a mini car or economy car for prices as low as $150 a week.

Moped Rental
One of the most popular methods to get about and available in just about any small town for as low as €10 per day.

Owing to an efficient intercity bus system, it is possible for you to travel just about anywhere on the Greek mainland using the official Greek Interstate Bus system known as the KTEL, the green coloured buses.  Though each city has a KTEL bus station you still may need help from Geek travellers who can speak English as you are likely to encounter language problems.

Ferries and Boats
To get to the Greek Islands you can either catch a short flight from Athens or Thesaloniki, or take a boat ride.  In case of islands close to mainland the best option of transport would be a ferry. 

By Air
All the airports in the islands and towns of the mainland have several connecting flights from Athens and Thesaloniki and numerous chartered flights, the furthest destination being just about half hour flight from Athens. The majority of flight services within Greece are offered by the Greek carrier Olympic Airways and its subsidiaries. 

Accommodation in Greece
Greece offers ample accommodation options to its incoming visitors on its mainland and islands.  All authentic tourist lodging establishments in Greece have been licensed by the Greek National Tourist Organisation (G.N.T.O.).  Depending upon the visitor’s necessities and tastes, he can choose the right type of accommodation for his group or himself from the following categories

  • Hotels – these include ordinary hotels, traditional guesthouses, agrotourist lodgings, etc. and Greece has a potential capacity to offer 670,000 beds distributed over 352,000 rooms in approximately 8,900 hotel units
  • Rooms to let – These are private accommodation offered in private houses and are found on most of the Greek islands and mainland Greece.  They all carry the special seal of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.
  • Apartments to let
  • Self-catering units – such as tourist residences and villas
  • Campsites – over 340 campings all over Greece, offering 30,000 camping spaces and 2,500 small houses
  • Youth hostels

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