Find a cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica

A hot and exotic country bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Specific Ocean, Costa Rica has become a popular destination for dental tourism. Although suffering a general tourism downturn due to the economic climate, the country is enjoying a steady number in niche tourist markets - one of which is dental tourism. With many of the more popular cosmetic dentistry treatments available at competitive costs, Costa Rica has seen somewhat of a boom in its dental industry. With many dentists having established links with American Universities the service and work ethic is second to none so, coupled with the fine weather and great scenery, it adds up to an appealing location for your dental treatment.

Dental Qualification and Accreditation profiles of dental practices in Costa Rica


· Dentists in Costa Rica have to undertake a six-year Doctor of Dental Surgery educational course at the University of Costa Rica, or equivalent at other private universities.

· Dentists can also train at the College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica


In Costa Rica there are over nearly 3,500 dentists; and a lot of them have trained in the US or have moved from other countries to practice. This means that a there are many dentists who are part of the American Dental Association with memberships in other expert fields of dentistry also common.

What cosmetic dentistry treatments are available in Costa Rica?

Popular cosmetic dental procedures offered by dental clinics in Costa Rica include:

  • Tooth extractions
  • One stage and two stage Implants
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Root canal procedures
  • Smile Makeovers

What are the popular locations in Costa Rica to seek cosmetic dental treatment?

Many of the top cosmetic dentists in Costa Rica aim to serve foreign patients seeking dental tourism options, as this equates to a large majority of the total dental work completed in the country. Therefore, a lot of dental clinics and dentists who cater to dental tourists have established themselves in the capital City of San Jose or in Liberia; close to international airports. Many of the practices are English-speaking so organising and discussing treatment is easy, and Liberia is very close to the coast; so patients can enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery whilst they visit.

Travelling in Costa Rica

Arriving in Costa Rica

The form of transport to Costa Rica is best determined by the place from which you will be commuting. Those who are commuting from mainland Central and South America there are both direct and indirect travel forms on hand. For those travelling to Costa Rica from outside the Americas direct flights are at present obtainable, with the capital city San Jose and city of Liberia housing international airports.

Reaching Costa Rica by Air

Direct flights

Costa Rica has around 151 airports throughout the entire country, with four major international airports. These international airports are situated in the capital San Jose, Liberia and Limon. These international airports are served by most of the US airlines as well as Air Canada, Mexicana, Iberia, KLM and Virgin Atlantic. Other minor airlines from the UK fly out to Costa Rica and flights can also be found through Costa Rica Airlines.

Getting around in Costa Rica

There is several means by which you can travel around Costa Rica, though this will depend on your location. They include:

  • Airways

There are around 151 airports in Costa Rica that cater domestic flights, and the furthest reaches of the country from the capital San Jose can be reached in under six hours.

  • Bus services

Although there is no national bus network or central terminal in the country, Costa Rica provides excellent travel through Tourist Bus Companies. San Jose acts as the transport hub for the country and regular and cheap buses can be organised from here.

  • Car

Renting a car in Costa Rica is just as easy as any other country and, although slightly more expensive than public transport options, allows more freedom to explore the fantastic countryside.

Accommodation in Costa Rica

There are numerous accommodation choices available in Costa Rica, dependent on your needs and location. These include:

  • Hotels - Both affordable and luxurious, there are many hotels that offer a relaxing and accommodative vacation experience with cordial kindness from staff.
  • Villas - Breathtaking villas offer spectacular views of the awe inspiring Costa Rica scenery, so you can experience a deluxe and fashionable get away.

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