Would you be able to tell me about the fixed wire retainers

Q. To Dr Kailesh Solanki, I’ve had a really big gap through my two front teeth since i was born. I got braces in 2007 and then had the skin cut above my gums as it was tight and pulling my teeth apart, however, once i got my braces off the gap opened immediately..i had a retainer which failed to work I now have braces again, and the gap is completely closed, my orthodontist told me once the brace is taken off i will have a wire inserted into the back of my mouth so my gap will remained closed..and that i have to have this wire in my mouth forever. Would you be able to tell me anything about this fixed wire? I am also interested in getting porclein veneers as im tired of my mouth being pulled about every month. Would you reccomend veneers? Many thanks for your time,

A. Firstly, your dentist has told you about a fixed retainer. This is a very thin wire that is bonded onto the backs of your teeth. You will not notice it there- you cannot see it, yet it will keep your teeth in position. It is a good, standard procedure that I would recommend. If this is not done- then your teeth may drift back AGAIN.
As for getting veneers, if your teeth are straightened and you like the shape, size etc of your teeth- veneers shouldn’t be an option.

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