Would Veneers be the Best Treatment for my Darkened Tooth?

Hi Dr Hughes. I had root canal treatment on one of my front teeth over 5 years ago, and it has now got very dark/black. I have been very self-conscious about this and think a veneer on this tooth may be the best option? I am aware that the tooth is dead and the last time I had the root canal treatment they gave me a gum shield with liquid in it to whiten the tooth, but now it has got very dark and has been for last 2/3 years. I am aware of the costs and would be willing to pay it, could you give me advice please? Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your question. I would need to assess you in person first to be able to speak with any degree of certainty. However, internal whitening could be considered first, and then either a veneer, bonding or a crown. These are the most common solutions for such problems. Thanks and kind regards, Mark. 
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