Would the most cost effective option for me be a lower denture?

Hi, I am in need of some direction. First off, I do not have insurance and have maxed out my care credit card. I had my lower left second premolar and first and second molars removed a while ago due to not being able to afford any dental care. Well not my top teeth are growing into my gums where I have no teeth and its painful. What would be my best, inexpensive option? Should I have the bottom teeth pulled get a lower denture? thank you for your time doctor hughes 
I would love to be able to answer your question with accuracy but without the ability to examine you and assess your situation carefully I can’t really offer any suggestions – there are so many potential variables. Potentially you will need the top teeth that are impinging into your gums removed as well and dentures made as the cheapest option but please go to see a dentist for advice

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