Would Teeth Whitening Cover Up Enamel Loss?

Hi, I have some tooth enamel loss in one of my front teeth, and a little of the other front tooth. I’d like to know, would teeth whitening whiten and cover up the enamel loss area affected, or would I need to consider veneers? My teeth otherwise are straight and no cracks or problems with them, just some obvious enamel loss in my front teeth. Also if I get my teeth whitened how long in general should the whitening last on the teeth? Hope you can help. Thanks and regards. 
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Teeth whitening will not cover up enamel loss and in fact this tooth could be too sensitive to whiten. Veneers or bonding might be options. My advice is to have an examination with an experienced cosmetic dentist to diagnosis your problem and offer you some options for treatment. Whitening needs to be ‘topped up’ regularly and should be delivered with a home whitening system to allow you to maintain the whitening result you achieve.
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