Would Lingual Brace Treatment Straighten My Rotated Canine?

Hi Mark. I have just had a consultation for Invisalign but after finding out that it is not predictable for rotated canines I am now thinking about my other options.
Would lingual braces work for this? It is just my top right canine and so it would be nice to just have a brace on the top row, but not sure this is possible.
As yet I am yet to find anything that will sort out just this canine in a localised and more or less invisible way. Any information on this would be great. Thanks.
Hi. Yes, lingual braces would be the most predictable of all the ‘invisible’ or hidden braces. It may be possible to do only one jaw but we’d have to see you to assess that. Invisalign can de-rotate canines as long as it’s not too severe but of course it is somewhat less predictable and takes much, much longer. If you send me some photos we can give you some more feedback:

http://www.invisiblebracesgroup.co.uk/upload.html. Regards, Mark.

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