Would it be Possible to Have an Implant to Replace a Broken Crown?

Hello Dr Hughes. My crown (second from middle) recently became loose. My dentist removed it and stuck it temporarily, but it came out the next day. About ten years ago my crown broke off and the then dentist replaced it by putting a post into the tooth, and this has now apparently broken. My current dentist has told me that he now cannot drill into my root and crown and so I need to consider having the root out and a bridge put in, or would it be possible to have an implant? The root seems to be OK from what I can see, it’s not loose. I don’t understand why the dentist cannot put in another post. Can you make any suggestions please?
Hi, thank you for your question. If the post is fractured inside the root, it is almost impossible to remove the broken post. I would say that an implant is the best option, as bridge needs grinding teeth. Best regards, Mark Hughes. 
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