Would invisalign be a good choice for me?

Q. hey man i have a question for you my front left tooth is overlaping my right tooth in a upper diagonal position it covers up to 20% of my right tooth its also on top like half of it is.( only the very last edge of it is about a half centimeter on top from my right tooth also the left tooth clicks only the edge thats on top i dont know why. My right tooth is nearly perfect it could be easily pushed more to the right about a 6-10%. I wanna know if invisalign would be my best choice or simply a working choice,
A. Hi, It is possible that invisalign would be a sucessful treatment option but there are also other possibilities which may work better. My advice would be to book a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss these treatment options. Radiographs will be necessary to detrmine what kind of treatment would be best. If you wish to book a free consultation with our resident orthodontist at one of our Kiss dental branches then please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] Thanks Dr K Solanki
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