Would I Still Qualify for Free Braces with the NHS?

I went to an orthodontist when I was 18 and they said I needed braces, but under his licence he could not give them to me because of my age and so sent me to an NHS hospital to get them done. I have a 6-9mm overbite and I was advised to have jaw alignment surgery, but I refused because I did not want to change the shape of my face. However I was still eligible for braces. The dentist took pictures of my teeth and took scans and a cast.

However, at that time I was taking exams and so could not discuss any further as the appointments interrupted my revision/exam time. I am now in university and still want the braces. Is my condition serious enough for free braces or could it still be counted as cosmetic?

Hi, thank you for getting in touch. I think you’d have to visit the oral surgeon at the hospital again for them to decide as it sounds like you’re on the borderline. Regards, Andrew.
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