Would I Be Suitable for Dental Implants?

Hi. I am a women of 45 and I suffer from bad health. For the last five years I’ve suffered with my teeth and my gums are sore every day. I have spent a fortune at my own National Health Service dentist. My gums are really receded and I have had a few teeth out. I  keep asking my own dentist to take more out because the pain is that bad. I’ve payed for dentures but I can’t wear them because my gums are too sore. I’ve been looking into implants. I wonder if you can give me information or tell me the way forward? Thanks.
Hello, thanks for contacting me. Implants are a very good way to provide fixed or semi fixed teeth. The first step is to arrange a full consultation and CT scan as not all patients are suitable for the treatment. Once you’ve had a scan you can then make a decision on whether they are suitable for you. 
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