Would I Be Able To Get Braces Without Having Teeth Removed?

Hello, I visited an orthodontist a couple of months ago because my two top front teeth are overlapped by the teeth either side of them. I do not like this for cosmetic reasons (although I have never had any other issues with eating etc). While there, he diagnosed me with a minor cross-bite, and a minor overbite, and gave me various options of braces for a year and a half. What he said would definitely be necessary to do would be to remove two teeth up in the top, which would allow the rest of the teeth space to move back, and the overlapping teeth to stop overlapping. What I was wondering, is if it would be possible to have those two teeth out, and then six months (ish) of braces just to spread my teeth back out into the new space, and then to stop having braces and to not have a retainer either. If I had this procedure, would the teeth stay in their new position, without a need for a retainer, as the only reason they were overlapping was due to overcrowding? Thank you in advance for your response!

Thanks for writing in, but unfortunately it’s impossible for me to advise you on specific details without seeing you; so speak to your orthodontist and explain your concerns and I’m sure they can come up with a solution. 

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