Would facial symmetry be ruined by removing canine tooth?

Hello, I am 24 years old and interested in correcting my teeth. I have had braces before (when i was around 15-16, for a year), however, my teeth aren’t aligned properly. I don’t have an overbite or under bite.One of my lower central incisors is crooked.So the bottom 4 incisors arent in a proper order.My bottom canines are big and closer to the incisors than the molars.Also, my upper 6 teeth are a bit huge.

My dentist said that i have a good profile and don’t need braces for my upper teeth, but i will need to extract the C1 lateral incisor from my lower teeth (to avoid crowding) and have braces added. Apart from this extraction, 2 wisdom teeth need to be removed as well.

My question is : wouldn’t there be no symmetry since only one tooth is being removed and also wouldn’t there be a gap between my lower incisors? Would you suggest a similar treatment? your thoughts please and thanks in advance.

I cannot comment on your facial profile without a detailed examination. However with regards to symmetry after extraction of the canine if it is aligned with the middle of the central position of the upper teeth the lower jaw will balance .
The size of the teeth cannot be changed.
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December 27th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
John Phillips Says :

Would you agree that my dentist had a duty to inform me that the extraction of my front 4 bottom teeth would have a dramatic effect on my facial symmetry ?

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